Friday, May 8, 2015

07/05/2015 - Vladivostok - Eagle nest mount and communist apartments

Second day, a really nice sunny day, took the bus 85C to the hill (got off next to the station: фуникулёр(Funicular), the place is actually called Eagle's Nest Mount, no idea how it's called in Russian, but people understand where "фуникулёр" is. Enjoyed the great view of the golden horn here.

Golden bridge with Matryoshka doll (матрёшка)

This used to be a church, in honor of Sveti Kirill and Sveti Mefodij, more info:

After the view point, I walked a way from the touristic area, and got deeper inside to these communist blocks.

This is the interior, EV+2.0 so imagine how dark it is actually. each floor has around 60 flats, similar to old public housing in Hongkong, but as I was told, there is no kitchens in these flats, small size of the rooms, problematic neibours, result in low rent. I didn't experience anything bad, but did saw some hateful speech on the wall, related to racism.
這是走廊內部,捕光補償加了兩級,可想而之現場多暗。每層六十個單位,格局與香港公屋很相似。Host 告訴我這些單位不設廚房,單位很少,且居住者很多都跟黃賭毒拉上關係,因此房租十分低廉,但亦因此吸引了學生遷入。我沒有遇上任何事情,但在牆上出現了很多種族歧視的字句,就離開了大廈免生麻煩。

Another side of these wires are connected to the fences on the hill, which creates extra clothes hanging place for the residents, supposed to be DIY work by the residents.

Communist garage

Decoration on boring communist architectures

Wooden houses on the way back to the centre

As well as an Orthodox church

Back to the harbourfront promende, the bridge was just above me, this is the golden bridge heading to Russkij Island

Pedestrians are allowed to walk on the bridge! I walked to another size of the golden horn, but wind was really strong, with the temperature 13'c, no next time, given that the bus ride is only 19руб, but this is, for tourist, a must visit spot in the city because of the view, and it's free of charge.


The view of the golden horn

This scenery reminds me my childhood in housing estate

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