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06/05/2015 - Far East Russia, Vladivostok 再臨戰鬥王國,遠東海參葳

Thanks for Lokyee Tse for the reccommendation of the website "", one day I found a incredibly cheap ticket, Hongkong - Vladivostok return, operated by Aurora(Owned by Aeroflot), price: HK$1,496€145, US$192, I purchased without further concerns.

Departure time was 20:55, I realised that I was the only Hongkonger until I boarded the plane, well there were 2 more Asians on the flight but they are far east Russians, given that this is a flight from Hongkong, this is definitely abnormal.

Journey time around 5 hours, arrived in Vladivostok at around 03.40, border crossing was smooth without any problem (usually problem happens when using Hongkong SAR passport because of the country name). I noted that I was given a paper, written on it something like "this person can stay up to three months" compare to the regulation to Hongkong passport holder 14 days visa-free policy, it would be great if this is officially approved, then I can do my trans-siberia trip without applying for Russian visa, which is a complicated and painful process. 

Airport of Vladivostok, the biggest airport in the Premorija region, is actually located in the city of Artem (Артём; pronounced as Artyom), about 30km distance from the city of Vladivostok, other than expensive taxis, no other options after midnight, I chose to sleep in the airport until 8am, the first departure to the train station. Bus 107, price is 100руб, ~HK$16, ~€1.7, ~US$1.8  Journey time 1 hour, I got of at Maksim centr, where my host lives, the destination of the bus is train station, which is also the city centre.
Direction to the city, first bus 08.15, last bus 20.00 as of 05.May.2015.

海參葳國際機場,距離海參葳市中心三十公里,坐落另一城市Артём,午夜剩下只有水魚才會坐的的士,我選擇瞓機場等天光,直接坐巴士 107 出市區。107巴士連接機場及火車站,車資100盧布,車程約一小時,火車站同為市中心所在地。

** Attention: NO EXCHANGE OFFICE in the airport, only ATMs

Greetings from the sun, shining to the airport of Vladivostok, the beginning of my 9-day trip to the far east part of Russia.

This is how the airport looks like, there is a seafood store in the airport

Typical Soviet style apartment block, flashback-ed my first trip to Moskva

Surprisingly they drive on the wrong side like we do, due to the fact that the economical situation in the far east is far behind the European side, purchasing cars from Europe also involves huge amount of logistic costs, people tend to purchase second hand cars from Japan, while buses are from Korea. Believe me, people here drive gently, unlike Russian drivers in the videos on youtube, they do give ways to pedestrians.

遠東俄羅斯的車很多都跟我們一樣是右軚的,很多都是東瀛二手車,巴士大多來自高麗,因為從歐洲買車運費真的太貴,而且俄羅斯東部經濟跟西部差很遠,我覺得較像俄化內地,題外話:海參葳原屬清政府外東北領土。需然如此,但這裡的司機駕駛態度跟我在Youtube 看到的很不同,他們是會讓行人的,很驚喜。

The train station, one of the oldest building in the city, the beginning of the legendary train route "Vladivostok-Moskva".


The statue of Lenin, right opposite of the train station 

This picture shows the Korean buses, and the Golden bridge, Золотой мост.

Wires above, common in Russia.

Artistic exterior wall

Nikolai's Triumphal Arch
Николаевские Триумфальные Ворота

The theatre

Monument to Vladimir Vysotsky, famous singer in Soviet Union.

Public transportation in the city is relatively cheap, I mean really cheap.It costs only 19руб, all buses are equipped with stop announcement, although, not surprising, in Russian. You pay when you get off. 

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