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08/05/2015 - Vladivostok - Russkij Island and the fortress

Basically the city Vladivostok has not many attractions, walking around is relaxing, the third day, Olga, my host, recommended for me and my travel mate Simon, the new campus of the FEFU (Far Eastern Federation University)on Russkij Island.

This is more likely to be a waterfront park rather than a University campus, the promenade is awesome, and picture below shows Russkij bridge, connecting the continental and the Russkij Island.

校園較像一個海濱公園,海濱長廊能遠眺連接Russkij 與大陸的Russkij橋。

I feel like the logo of DVFU looks really familiar to me, so I took out the bankcard for a comparison.

There's only one mini-market in the entire campus, I wondered how students can live here without problem. After the campus, my travel mate went with me to the Funicular view point, and had lunch in a cafe, with English menu! Nothing to complain but price is higher than other places in the city.

This picture was taken by Simon Pak:

Road signs look different from the cities in European side Russia

Улица Адмирала Фокина (Ulica Admirala Fokina), similar to the Arbat street in Moskva. This street was called "Beijing street" (Pekinskaja) before 1964, related to the Convention of Peking.
Ulica Admirala Fokina與莫斯科的Arbat街近似,此街原稱北京街,與北京條約有關。

Recreation facilities for kids

This picture was taken by Simon Pak:

Olga met us at her flat at 19.00, and promised to bring us to the fortress for a great view.


Road was a bit dusty, after about an hour and a half we reached the top, technically the highest point in the city.


The cannon and the motorbike rider

This picture was taken by Simon Pak:

The earth beneath my feet

This picture was taken by Simon Pak:

We were lost when getting back to the city, an Ukrainian guy guided us for a short cut to get back to the main roads, special thanks to him.

Instant noodles are really common in Russia, this is our dinner, together with some extra take away food from the supermarket, not in the picture.
This picture was taken by Simon Pak:

Thank you so much for Olga and Alexey's hospitality, spending time with us even they were busy on their work!

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