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09/05/2015 - С Днём Победы // Victory day

9 May, the day of Victory, 70 anniversary, the capitulation of Nazi Germany to the Soviet Union. Demonstration of army force took place in major cities in Russia including Vladivostok. Although the parade is not as huge as the one in Moskva, it is still worth participating as an audience. Here are the pictures.

Buses are overcrowded due to limited service provided. (Service should be strengthen due to the huge demand but not reduce huh?), having huge bags with us on the crowd bus wasn't a good experience, hard to stand straight, hard to hold the handrail, hard to balance, but when these appeared in front of me, like only 5-10 steps away, okay enjoy the parade.

This picture was taken by Simon Pak:

Although the parade is not as great as the one in Moskva, it's impressing for me already.
This picture was taken by Simon Pak: 


This picture was taken by Simon Pak:

This picture was taken by Simon Pak:

Full of people on the street just to watch the victory day parade
This picture was taken by Simon Pak:

Later on we went to visit the ship Nadezhda, the ship usually parked at the bay, but not for visiting. It was an open day for the ship. 

Most of the restaurants are closed because of the celebration, this is one of the exception. But we waited 2.5 hours for our orders, only mine arrived, two others was forgotten. One thing interesting is, during our wait, an ex-WWII-soldier came into the restaurant, he was given a big hand and priority of having food. People showed him the greatest respect. There are not so many ex-WWII-soldiers alive nowadays, imagine it's a war 70 years ago. Not complaining, just to mention.

This picture was taken by Simon Pak:

Simon and Olga went to another restaurant for lunch. Right under the statue of Lenin, opposite of the train station. 
This picture was taken by Simon Pak:

After that, we boarded the train at around 16.40, departure time 17.15, look at the clock next to the train, it shows 09.35, standard Moscow time(GMT+3) compare to the local time (GMT+10), all inter-regional trains in Russia follow the schedule based on Moscow time, written on the ticket is 10.15 departure, do the adjustment in advance is necessary or you may have to wait 7 hours or miss the train in worse case.

Before getting on the train, we purchased some food in the supermarket, most of the supermarkets here sells cooked food, inform the lady for the quantity you want, tlet her pack the food, pay at the cashier, done! 
This picture was taken by Simon Pak:

Drawing on the celling, showing Moskva and Vladivostok.

Ticket price: 738рубВЛАДИВОСТОК ГОРОД - ХАБАРОВСК (Vladivostok City - Khabarovsk)
class: Плацкартный <Plackartnyj> (Reserved seat); 54 places (Места <Mesta>) in a wagon. 
Ticket purchased from (directly from Russian Railways website)
Journey time: ~14 hours.
Sometimes RZD will charge you for beddings, but it's shown on my ticket that these are included in the price.
車廂等級 Плацкартный <Plackartnyj>,一個車廂有五十四個床位

Sometimes you can see class Общий, sitting version of Плацкартный, 3 people on each beds on the right side, and the table on the left side shown in the picture can be turned down to be a seat, so 3 extra sitting place on the left. suitable for short distance, horrible for more than 4 hours, but price is cheap.
有時會有等級 Общий是 Плацкартный車廂變成座位版,橫排坐六人,靠走廊直排中間的枱面反下來,共坐三人

Interior of the train
This picture was taken by Simon Pak:

Hot water available on the train, cup noodles shall be prepared. No electric socket in the wagon, phones not chargable. People purchased the upper decker beds tend to seat on the lower before they sleep, and no one complains about that, purchase the upper decker if you want to sleep, although the space is quite narrow. :\

A 14-hour train ride is boring and nothing fun, Simon Pak and I started communicating with the lady. She is deaf, result in dumb, unfortunately, but as said, a 14-hour train ride can be boring so she took out her note book, start asking us some questions.
This picture was taken by Simon Pak:

I don't have good communication skill in Russian, so drawings are supplimented.
This picture was taken by Simon Pak:

As said, hot water supply is available on the train, the lady gave us tea bags for чай <Chaj> (Tea).
個杯好靚 :O
This picture was taken by Simon Pak:

We started playing Ludo because It was too boring on the train. From zero to a strong competitor, the lady picked up the rule as fast as a rocket. She won the last game!
This picture was taken by Simon Pak:

See how happy she was!

We kept playing chess until 21.00, we gave her the chess as a gift, and we had the cup-noodle dinner. The following one hour, I made a greatest decision in my entire life, go back to the school, I hope this is a correct one, although Mr Pak pretent to be a good listener, I am quite sure he was almost felt as sleep. Getting back to school with an awful public examination result is not an easy task, so I decided to do all over again, a long process, hopping to have a better future. To be disclosed.

One hour before arriving the destination, the cleaning lady will wake you up and ask you to take all the beddings to her laundry office at the end of the wagon, it was 6am when she called me.

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