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10/05/2015 - Khabarovsk by the Amur 黑龍江畔的伯力

We arrived at Khabarovsk at around 07.15. 

This is our host Vladi, met him in Hongkong in last Dezember, 5 months later I found cheap ticket flying to Vladivostok and managed to visit his town as well, his parents were out for holidays in Crimea so we were invited to stay in his room, no not the house behind him, this picture was taken in the zoo. He drove us from the train station to his place.

In the flat, there is also an overactive dog, named Elli, jumping around all the time. I was about to worry about her vitality will cause her health problems in the future. 

After some rest and tea, we went to the newly developed area in Khabarovsk, then to the Приамурский Зоосад (Priamurskij Zoosad, Lit: Zoo garden by the Amur river)

These houses were built by the original inhabitants, while they have been exciled due to the development of the city of Khabarovsk. The city of Khabarovsk, lies on the river Amur, found in 1860, was a town in the Qing Dynasty. Khabarovsk, Vladivostok, together with Sakhalin and some lands along the Amur river, have been ceded to the Russian Empires according to the unfair aggreement between the Qing dynasty and few countries - Convention of Peking. No historical symbols can be found nowadays in the region. 

The picture below, shows the old bridge, right next to the chimney, and the 60% built new bridge. The new bridge is already being used, for rail on the lower decker and automobile on the upper decker. 2-lane bridge will be built in the future on the left side over the reserved structure on the existing 2 lane bridge. This bridge is on the 5,000 rubbles banknote, the banknote with the highest value in Russian rubbles, importance of the city of Khabarovsk can been seen from this. On the other side of the bridge, is the Jewish Autonomous Oblast. The increasing settlement in the remote Soviet far east, means that manpowers were demanded. Stalin  settled Jews from European side to the far east for development of the region, in the year of 1928, Originally the Jewish oblast was planned to be placed somewhere close to Crimea, but  objected by the majority of Slavs in Ukraine. 

There is abondoned water tower next to the entrance of Khabarovsk, not a good welcoming architecture for visitors, great for taking good pictures though.

I'm not impressed by Vladi, but this is defo dangerous.
戰鬥民族 偏向虎山行

This picture was taken by Simon Pak:

We went to the river promenade along the river Amur closer to the city centre. Further on the left side of the picture, next to the hills shown, is the territory of China, ferry connects the Khabarovskij kraj and the Chinese town Fuyuan, journey time is 1hour approx and price is about Cny200. A valid visa for China is required.

Khabarovsk and the Amur river

This picture was taken by Simon Pak:

Watching the performance of them singing some soviet songs, carefully focus on the old man. 

Why holding the mic like this? He has the most attention drawing voice among the people, holding like this was necessary, or we could only hear his voice but not the others.
他的聲音是眾表演者中最響亮的,咪就這樣拿,為甚麼不用咪架呀 ...

A branch of a chain restaurants "Hongkong", symbol of Hongkong - Bauhinia in black and white, any special meaning behind? 

The layout of the city is like an "M", while Lenin street and Karl-Marx street have higher attitute, lots of walking up and down was involved during our visit.

Second hand bus vehicle from Korea.

In Russia, this happens. Electric wires in front of your apartment block.

A famous drink within the Soviet territories - Kvas. It tastes like bread, or beer, sometimes Soy sauce, basically it's made by wheat which used to make black bread in Russia. Purchasing from machine is 50rub, but 20rub from Babushka with a yellow car. Truly refreshing, if the temperature reaches 30'c. ,

We went to a Japanese restaurant at 16.30, although ridiculous, for lunch. The rubber-looking thing is Wasabi, while I am not dissapointed with the quality of Sushi, it's honestly nice. Never liked Asian font, but in Cyrillic it looks interesting.
This picture was taken by Simon Pak:

This picture was taken by Simon Pak:

Спасо-Преображенский Кафедральный Собор (Spaso-Preobrazhenskij Kafedral'nyj Sobor)

 мемориал вечный огонь(The eternal flame)

Every town in Russia, if you don't see Lenin Street, there will be a Lenin square, or sometimes both. This is the Lenin square in Khabarovsk.
This picture was taken by Simon Pak:

Karl-Marx Street in the evening

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