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19/08/2014 - The native Croatian town - Šibenik

Šibenik, 90km from Split, a historical town on Dalmacija, unlike other towns along the coast, the foundation of Šibenik has no any connections with the Romans and Greeks, it was totally developed by the Croats, but it makes no exception for it to be occupied by the Kingdom of Venice, Byzantium, Austria-Hungary Empire in history. During the Croatian War of independence from Jugoslavia in September 1991, the town was deeply attacked by the Jugoslav army including the iconic architecture Cathedral of St. James, the battle is also referred as September battles or Battle of Šibenik (Bitka za Šibenik), while the Croats and the Serbs has moved their battlefield northwards to Zadar until early October. Most of the tourist will visit Split because of the Diocletian's palace or interchange for ferries to numerous islands, or Zadar after visiting the Plitvička jezera national park, while Šibenik is also worth visiting. One thing worth mentioning is, Šibenik is the first town in the world with alternating current-powered street lights, this technology was introduced in 1895. Enjoy Dalmacija with less tourist and a native Croatian town. 

希貝尼克 (Šibenik),距離Split 90公里,是達爾馬提亞地區的一個古城,與其他區內古城不同,城的建立與羅馬人及希臘人無關,此城是由克羅地亞人自行建立的,但結果跟其他區內沿海城市一樣,先後被威尼斯王國,拜占庭及奧洶帝國佔領。1991年9月,克羅地亞獨立戰爭中,Šibenik遭猛烈轟炸,包括著名教堂 Cathedral of St. James約一周後,南斯拉夫軍隊與克羅地亞保衛隊的交戰地北移至扎達爾。特別一提,Šibenik 是全球首個建構交流電路燈系統的城市,早在1895年啟用

Most of the paths in the old town are leading to the St. Michael's Fortres (Tvrđava Svetog Mihovila), originally it's functioned as a lookout of the Šibenik bay and the mouth of the Krka river, and also as a refuge for the surrounding areas. The fortress was first meniotned in 12th century. This place, in 2012, has be revitalised as an open-air stage, the project was completed in July 2014, one month before my visit. 

The geographic location of the town of Šibenik is protected by two peninsulas (or any other better adjectives?) so get to the town by sea, the narrow channel has to be passed through, which appears to be a natural shelter for the town for being attacked.  Other than the St. Michael's Fortress, there is another fortress - Sveti Nikole (Saint Nikola) built at the mouth of the channel for the protection of the bay and the town.

The town hall in Šibenik

Cathedral of St. James (Katedrala svetog Jakova), was rehabilitated after the war of Independence.

This is the major market close to the bus stop, at 14.00. 

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