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16-17/08/2014 - Otok Hvar

Next destination after Split- Hvar. Two major ferry piera on the island Hvar, one is in Stari Grad (Old city), another one is in Hvar town. High demand in August, tickets for ferry directly going to Hvar town has to be booked 3 days prior then departure, so most of the tourists have to choose the alternative option- Ferries to Stari Grad, and change for buses towards Hvar. 2 hour ferry ride from Split to Hvar, 47kn one way, company Jadrolinija, which operates major car ferry routes in Croatia, timetables and price lists can be found in the link below. 

Split之後的下一個目的地,是克國其中一個較熱門的島,Hvar。島上有兩個主要的碼頭,一個在Stari Grad,而另一個則在Hvar城,因為八月當時為旅遊旺季,船票不易購得(最少提前三個工作天才能購得直接前往Hvar的客輪票,費用不詳),因此較多的旅客是選乘往Stari Grad的汽車渡輪,然後才轉乘巴士往Hvar,船程約2小時,船費為47kn,克羅地亞大部份渡輪服務由渡輪公司Jadrolinija營運,時間表及價錢請參閱。汽車渡輪我即場購票亦有空位,但汽車渡輪不設乘客劃位,有空位就可以坐,不然站夠兩小時,到處拍照或是坐地下都沒有人理你的。

Accommodation in Hvar was a bit pricey at that time, 35Eur for a bed in hostel, quality below average according to the comments posted. To protect my wallet and stay away from major tourist, I chose to stay in Stari grad, 25Eur for a bed.
Hvar城區的住宿頗貴,床位達35歐元一晚,且質素不敢恭維,到處都是遊客,為了有更多時間感受小島風情,且有限的預算,及遠離主流旅客,我最後選擇留宿於Stari Grad,床位每晚25歐元。

Bus service on Island Hvar mostly coordinate with ferry schedules, no worries, you will be able to find a bus towards the town, walking to Stari grad - 30 minutes without spending any kunas.
島上巴士的時間多配合船期,下船後完全不必擔心沒有巴士接駁,但預算低得恐怖,沒有閒錢花在巴士上,決定由碼頭步行前往Stari Grad

Big backpack stored in hostel in Split, no heavy bags is a plus, leisure walk to Stari grad. 
步程30分鐘,因為大背囊已存放於Split的旅館內,慢慢去Stari grad都是Okay的。

1 good news and 1 bad news; hostel I booked was overbooked, I was transferred to another apartment, same price but private room, bad thing is without wifi.

View from the room


Grilled foods smelling nice :D

Fireworks in the evening, no good photos shot, nothing to be posted. 

Morning in Stari grad, nice to walk without massive amount of tourists

Never think about walking from Stari grad to Hvar unless you like to walk with the cars for more than 3 hours, bus ride was 30 minutes, 37 kuna.
如果想從Stari Grad碼頭步行到Hvar,不用想了,還是搭巴士啦,坐車都花去了差不多半小時,Stari grad到Hvar的車費是37kn

This is the staircase from the main square towards the fortress in Hvar.

View from the fortress, the beauty of the Mediterranean sea. Hvar is actually the city with the longest sunshine hours per year in Croatia, some articles mentioned that if a guest reserved a room in Hvar and he or she could not enjoy a sunny day at last, a partial refund would be given. It was 30'c on 18 Aug, and temperature may reach 37-40'c in mid July. For your reference, entrance fee to the fortress is 30kn, I went there in 2012 the first time so didn't go in 2014, picture below was taken right outside the fortress, more or less the same view you could get inside the fortress.

Tropical plants can be found on the island because of the climate.

Town centre, Saint Steven square
Centar grada - Trg sveti Stjepana

Sun bathing could be a daily duty for Croats. 


Hvar is also famous for lavenders, so lavender products can be found everywhere.

Return bus timetable listed at the bus stop at town Hvar, suggested to return to the pier at around 1700 or you may not be able to catch the last ferry heading back to Split.

Most of the time in Croatia, it happens to be like some old men and ladies promoting their rooms and apartments at the inter-city bus terminal or ferry pier, similar to the situation on outlying islands in Hong Kong, but quality of rooms are not foreseeable and not guaranteed, and rooms may be a bit far from downtown.

Do you speak Karlovačko ? Advertisment by the famous beer company in Croatia.

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